Change your marriage without changing your partner



James W. Ramsey,  MA, MFT, LCPC     Missoula, MT

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2870 St. Michael Drive  I  Missoula, MT 59803    406.251.7073

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Counseling sessions are held in a beautiful setting at a private office located on Jim's property.

Initially most husbands feel like failures and are discouraged and passive because they can't seem to please their wives.  Initially, most wives feel resentment and are overwhelmed because they feel as if they have to do everything and initiate everything  in their marriage and family.   "I'm happy to say that all of this can change.  Wives are happy to see that I relate comfortably with their husbands and that our practical, goal-oriented approach makes sense to their husbands."  Both of you will be happy to know that your don't have to change your personality or give up your identity for the relationship to be a success.  Both of you will simply learn better ways to participate in your marriage which will be rewarded by positive responses from your partner and a solid emotional connection between the two of you.  True heartfelt love and respect changes everything

Marriage counseling and therapy in Missoula, couples counseling in Missoula, family counseling, parenting skills, and Christian marriage counseling... Jim has truly enjoyed helping thousands of Montana couples since 1976. ."I offer you the blend of 'art'' and 'science. ' The 'art' - 40 years of experience as a marriage counselor and 47 years of marriage. The 'science' - 35 years of scientific research from The Gottman Institute on why marriages succeed and fail.  Jim is the only Certified Gottman Therapist in the state of Montana..  "Marriage Counseling is fulfilling to me. During the past 40 years, I have dealt with communication problems,  parenting issues, blended families, anger management, addiction problems, sexual issues, financial problems, in-law problems, stress, grief, codependency, and every other imaginable problem. I believe therapy works and it can be fun. 

Professional Training & Experience

M.A., Fuller Graduate School of Psychology
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Clinical Member, American Association of
    Marriage & Family Therapists

Charter Member, Christian Counselors
    Association of America
Certified Couples Counselor, Dr. John Gray's
    Mars and Venus Institute
Certified Workshop Leader, Dr. Larry Koenig's
    'Smart Discipline' Parenting
Only Certified Gottman Couples Therapist

    in the state of Montana
Certified Workshop Trainer for Therapists,
    The Gottman Institute

Consultant and Workshop leader,
    United States Air Force

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Change your marriage without changing your partner

Jim Ramsey of Aletheia Marriage Counseling in Missoula has focused almost exclusively on marriage and family counseling for the past 40+ years.  Pro-marriage, Jim believes that if both partners want to have a happy marriage, they can have matter how bad things are right now. 

Professional Training & Experience

Marriage Counseling And Therapy in Missoula