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James W. Ramsey,  MA, MFT, LCPC     Missoula, MT

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 Couples Counseling

      Couples often find themselves having the same fight over and over again. Partners can find themselves talking less and less, while the sense of distance starts to  
      feel permanent.  This is where we can help.  Our goal is to help couples bring to awareness the issues with which they are struggling, to help them develop a deep
      sense of harmony and a strong profound friendship..

      What to expect:  a key part of couple's therapy comes from a careful evaluation done in the first three meetings: one for each partner and one for the couple together. 
      From this structured in-depth assessment, couples are given feedback on both strengths and challenges in their relationship, and a "road map" for the therapeutic
      journey will be developed.  Frequency and duration of sessions will be determined.

      As we work together, couples are guided through building and restoring their friendship, learning to regulate conflict, create shared meaning, make dreams and
      aspirations a reality, and learn the tools to prevent relapse in the future.  Homework assignments help the process of strengthening and deepening the relationship.

      The approach is based on the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, which uses scientific research from 35 years of studying the dynamics of successful - and
      unsuccessful- couples.  As described by the Gottman Institute, the goal of the work is not to make couples "therapy-dependent."  Rather, we attempt to provide
      couples with the skills and tools they will need to become competent at using the Gottman Method in their daily lives, and to offer the clinical intervention necessary
      to assist couples toward achieving that goal. 

     To make an appointment, call our office: 406.251.7073

  Marathon Counseling

    As a Certified Gottman Couples Therapist, Jim offers Intensive Marathon Therapy.  Intensive Marathon Therapy involves making arrangements to have longer
    sessions for several hours and/or on several consecutive days. Couples who have experienced the modality and have been in typical counseling sessions said they
    would never have made the breakthroughs they did without being able to work through their issues in one sitting.  They believed that by not feeling rushed, the needed  
    safety to share was built as they went through the sessions.

   Marathon Couples Therapy is an intensive and focused therapeutic modality for couples in high distress or simply in need of a marriage expert.  What you can expect   
   from a Marathon session is to foster respect, affection, and closeness.  Build and share a deeper connection with each other's inner world.  Keep conflict discussions
   calm.  Break through and resolve conflict gridlock and strengthen and maintain the gains in your relationship.

   We start out by identifying the goals and intentions of the therapy process.  We help couples come to a compromise on their gridlocked issues.  Many times couples

   do not have the same aspirations, hopes, or goals, yet they need to come to some sort of resolution.  We do our best to honor both individuals' hopes and dreams.
   We see the goal as facilitating clients in accessing new strengths, learning new skills, and gaining new insights,  which then moves them in the direction that
   they want their relationship to go.
   Prior to coming in, you will be asked to complete an assessment packet; this can be accomplished online.  In this assessment packet you will be asked numerous
   questions about the current state of your relationship, as well as what it is you hope to achieve during therapy.  These goals will become our objective.  We will
   review this packet of information prior to meeting you.
   Marathon sessions can be booked any day of the week depending on availability.  As a couple, you will meet with Jim and then each partner will have the opportunity

   to have an individual session.  Then, as couple, you'll meet with Jim and discuss the current state of your relationship, how it got there, as well as a plan for moving

   toward your goals.  Once it's determined that everyone is on the same page, the therapy begins.


  •   Any couple who is experiencing marital or relationship distress and wants their relationship to stay together or would like to explore where they are at in
      the relationship.  It helps if you are committed to the relationship, however, many couples who have suffered a setback are just not quite sure.  This is okay and       we can work with that as well.
  •   Any couple who lives more than hour away from Missoula.


   Therapy will be booked for several consecutive hours, and/or two to three consecutive days.  If you live out of town, depending on travel distance, it's your choice to

   stay at a local hotel or commute back to your home.  Payment is due in full prior to attending sessions and there is a one week cancellation policy.  Jim must make

   himself available and arrange his schedule for these sessions, therefore it is imperative that you keep your appointment and are committed to the process. 

   Please feel free to phone the office and we will answer any questions you may have.  Office:  406.251.7073