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Marriage Counseling works and can be fun.

Why Go?  My Marriage Is Fine.
From Guy and Jan Hanson,
Axmen, Missoula
"I’ve been blessed to have been married 36 years to an amazing wife. I know that our success, in all the things we have done, is rooted in our commitment to each other. We have tested each other’s patience at times and we haven’t always agreed, but we have found ways of making things work.
I went to the Gottman training for the same reason I started taking my kids to church. I knew it would be good for them. What I  discovered is that it was good for us – not because we weren’t happy before – but because we didn’t realize how much more we could empower each other and how much more joy we could experience. I went because one of my kids was struggling and I left convinced that all of our lives could be richer.  Ironically, the same result as engaging in our faith community 35 years ago.
My brother and his wife also went. We have been business partners for 43 years. We discovered that the basic principles of maintaining and building a relationship apply just as well to our partnership. It takes tools and skills to make it really good. That is what Gottman training is all about."

Join the thousands of couples who have benefited from learning the Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by attending one of Aletheia Marriage Counseling's educational weekends.
Taught by Jim Ramsey, the only fully Certified Gottman Therapist in the state of Montana, and based on thirty years of revolutionary research by Dr. John Gottman, the interesting and enjoyable weekend will transform your relationship.

*  Weekend sessions filled with practical, simple tools and exercises that confirm, strengthen, or restore your love

*  For married couples, for those living together, those contemplating marriage, or for anyone
*  Along with the knowledge of 'we can do this,' you'll take home a
textbook, workbooks, tips, and tools that will aid you in your
everyday life together
*  No public discussion or disclosure is involved.  During the
sessions, t
ime is allotted for private discussions with your partner.

All sessions: Best Western Plus Grant Creek Inn, 5280 Grant Creek, Missoula. Phone: 406.543.0700.   If you're traveling from out of town or just want to make a special event out of this enjoyable weekend, we'll assist you in making overnight reservations.

Gottman Couples Weekend

Saturday 8:30am-4pm / Sunday 9am-4pm

$550.00 per couple

After early bird discount 15 days prior to date
$500.00 per couple

*Discounts may be available through your employer.  Call 406.251.7073 for more information.

Change your marriage without changing your partner

These enjoyable sessions will give you new insights and research-based relationship skills that can dramatically improve the intimacy and friendship in your relationship and help you resolve conflict in a healthy, productive way.

Couples will learn to:

*  Foster respect, affection, and closeness

*  Build and share a deeper connection with each
   other's inner world
*  Keep conflict discussions calm
*  Break through and resolve conflict gridlock
*  Strengthen and maintain the gains in your 

For more information, call: 406.251.7073 


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Jim Ramsey discussing
Gottman Couples Weekends

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